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Let’s start dreaming. BIG.


Let’s start dreaming. BIG.


Dreams with Deadlines (goal setting — step 1)


On this last day of 2011, the sun has greeted me, with a riot of birds and squirrels to back it up.

I’m sitting in a sunny spot in my in-laws’ kitchen.  Most everyone else is still sleeping. The cat is eating. I’m about to boil water for a French press.

I’ve already spent the morning thinking, planning, and wishing.  Life blessed me with a gorgeous day for walking and breathing.  I forget to do these two things surprisingly often.

This morning, I’ve soaked in the wisdom of many of my guides, quite a few new to me in 2011 (so grateful!). I’m considering how I want to build my 2012. I want to unfold.  I want to allow space. I want to take all the things that scare me, and do them anyway.  I want to become the person God designed me to be. I want to develop the energy to do all that makes me — and the ones I love — happy.

My lovely G. asked me for some suggestions on goal setting.  In considering this, I’d suggest the first place to start is with defining what you want, and being perfectly, exquisitely clear about this. Right now, ignore the undercurrent of why you want it (we judge  — and eliminate — our desires frequently because of the “why”s).

When I’m asking my clients this question, I use the fairy godmother scenario.  If you could have anything in the world, if it could simply be granted, what would you ask for?  It’s amazing to me how often people struggle with this question, even hypothetically.  It seems we’ve been taught to put conditions on our desires.  “I really want _________, but that will never happen because of x,y,z”.

So, what do you WANT?  There is nothing wrong with wanting. There is a saying about God instilling us with desires.  If we have been created with desires, then how can they be wrong?

Of course, I’m not talking about wanting a pint of  Ben & Jerry’s, or shoes that cost more than a month’s rent.  I’m speaking of those desires that nag at us, recur time after time, keep us up at night.  They come with THAT feeling, the one that feels empty and full simultaneously. It feels like purpose, and being.  And love, now that I think on it.

I’ll ask again.  WHAT DO YOU WANT?  Say it aloud, to no one and everyone.  Write it down. Do this everyday if you need to get more clear on it.

Now, almost as importantly, define what you don’t want. What do you wish never existed in your life?  What would you toss out (figuratively or literally) if you felt completely free to do so? Declare this, as well, in the same “I’m fed up and I’m not going to take it anymore!!” way.

Your answers to yourself about what you want and don’t want may feel uncomfortable.  That’s okay. If they’ve been buried and ignored for awhile, the voice might be unfamiliar.  Like anything we ignore, they may sound nagging, annoying,  even wrong.  If they’re presenting themselves, though, they are meant to be heard.

In the coming days, we’ll talk about making plans, and the “how” of it all.  But for this last day of 2011, dream big.  Make plans.  Ask for wishes. Godmother it up!

2012 is our year to make it happen.  Together.

Wishing you and yours the happiest of New Years!