An embodiment of contradiction. Favourite words are snarky and groovy. Least favourite ones are moist and slacks. Lover of the sea. Advocate for irreverence. Warrior for free speech. Crafter of words. Theatrically-minded. Prefer coffee, and extra-dirty martinis. Appreciator of music. Reader of volumes. Intolerant of intolerance. Promoter of social responsibility. Respectful of the planet. Spiritually evolving. Pacifist. Dig all things clever. Practising joyologist.

After and education in theatre and psychology, 20+ years working in mental health counseling and rehabilitation, and life-long occasions of acting/directing/writing, I chose to integrate my work and my passions, focusing on holistic healing, with concentrations in creativity and the science of happiness.

I work with adults who desire metamorphoses who may be struggling with adapting to life changes, by helping them achieve stable mood, optimal energy, and beneficial change, through nutrition education, life skills coaching, and providing actionable tools for change.

I also work with performing artists who may struggle with keeping themselves “tuned up” for auditions and performance, by offering holistic-health support and education; life skills, audition and character development coaching; and by teaching actionable steps to help them become performance ready.

I provide workshops, one-on-one coaching and group programs.

My company is Life Stage Wellness, dedicated to keeping you prepared to celebrate all of life’s roles.


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