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How was your week? What are you choosing


How was your week? What are you choosing differently today?


There’s Seaweed in my Bra


Last Thursday was an average day for me. 

It involved jumping out of bed, slapping on some hair colour to my way over-grown grey roots, cleaning the bathroom while the colour processed, switching out the laundry, tidying up the house, rousing the child, grabbing a quick breakfast, putting my kiddo on the bus, returning business calls, driving the beltway to a client group, running from that group to a staff supervision group, catching up on management status, boogying to Wholefoods to grab dinner items for my in-laws, shooting back down the beltway to the kiddo’s school to pick him up from activities, rushing home to clean some more (did I mention my in-laws were coming?), vacuuming, and spending the evening catching up with my family.  This was after a night without sleep.  God bless full days.

While I was at the Wholefoods, I noticed I was ravenous.  My quick breakfast wasn’t sustaining, and I didn’t eat until mid-afternoon (note to self: that’s some crappy self-care!).  I wanted to make a healthy choice, though.  And, I was looking for something salty.

My choice: kombucha and seaweed snacks.

(Kombucha = good for the GI tract.  Seaweed = good for the thyroid.)

So, as I mentioned, after the quick grocery trip, I hopped into the car and hurtled down 695.  Traffic was actually moving!  I began consuming my lunch.

And it hit me.  I’ve gone to the dark side.  The green side.  Whatever.  I could have been eating a cookie and a soda.  Maybe a sandwich.  Even an apple would have looked less green-tentious. 

Okay, here’s the visual:  my seaweed snack was shredded and came in a pouch.  From outside my car, I imagine it looked like I was stuffing pinch after pinch of tobacco into my mouth. 

I usually grab snack-sized sheets of seaweed snacks, but they were out.  This was my first encounter with the shredded stuff.  Which is messy.  Particularly so at 65 miles per hour (I am aware of the eating-while-driving conundrum – no judging a hungry woman!).

As I’m driving, I start to feel a little itchy.  A little pinched-sticky, like.  I look down, and note that I am covered in little tiny pieces of seaweed.

It was warm that day.  I was wearing a t-shirt.  Now, as a woman in her 40’s, it is necessary that I make appropriate arrangements for the girls.  (Yes.  The “girls”.)  I invest in proper undergarments.  There is this bra made by that secretive company that supposedly accommodates cup size.  I think it kind of adds cup size.  Which I don’t really need (careful what you wish for!). So, yes, there was cleavage. Seaweed covered cleavage.  That itched. And I had a few hours left before I could attend to such things.

So, maybe I AM kookie granola girl.  I can only imagine what I looked like!

Here’s the thing, though.  I had A LOT of energy on this day.  I felt really good.  I accomplished a bunch o’ stuff.  I saw myself and was able to laugh AND also notice the positive effects of my non-traditional choices. 

All this to say – BE that person, the freest, kookiest self you want to be.  Share it with the world.  Try a little seaweed.  Make a huge, full life. 

Then, tell me how those days are for you. 

I bet they’ll rock. 😉

Hey!  It’s your life…make it GROOVY!!