I think sometimes it is just a matter of simple choice. How we get to that instance of decision can be troublesome and challenging. The decision itself, however, can be clear and succinct.

I choose to be okay with being the fool. I’m okay with being the example of the mistake someone else doesn’t want to make. If I can cause someone humour in the middle of it, all the better.

So, I’m making some changes. I’m using this opportunity (a guiding word for 2013) to step into my mistakes and shine through them. I’m making some changes, and making sure that I acknowledge the mistakes as a catalyst.

Cue: Life Stage Wellness


Here’s what I dig about acting (well, one thing of many): You have to DO something.

Acting involves self-assessment, character-building, timing, willingness to be directed, submission to larger creation, team-work, communication, self-disclosure and practice.

And then, you have to get on that stage and DO it. There is no benefit to putting in alllll the other work, if you don’t show up, and show big.

Kinda like life, eh?

Enter: Life Stage Wellness

In my attempts to build this thing, I was dialing it in, presenting as what I thought I was “supposed to” be (gosh, I hate “supposed to”!!!). I was omitting the parts of myself I tend to ignore (mostly because I don’t like them as much as the other ones – they take more work and more vulnerability). I was focused on building (me? not so much), rather than creating (umm, yeah!).

I can’t help everyone that I want to help by doing it the building way. I have to do it this way ——————–

Anyone who has known me for a while knows my passion for any theory supporting how creativity and art promote well-being. People feel better when they are creating something.

I think we have the power, and a responsibility, to create us as ourselves.

Well, I’m (finally – sheesh!) linking that to my coaching. Each of us has our own life stage. I’ll meet you on yours, and we’ll see what we can produce. Yes???





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