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Oh my gosh, I SOOOOOOOO love this!!!!!!!


Oh my gosh, I SOOOOOOOO love this!!!!!!!


‘Tis the season…


…and, for various reasons, I’ve decided to create the holiday I want for myself and my loved ones.


I’m making it less about the buying, and more about the giving.  I’m choosing to CREATE joy and magic, instead of expecting them to just show up on my doorstep.


To that end, it starts with gratitude.  Looking at it from a new perspective, Thanksgiving is THE perfect way to invite in such a miraculous season.  Miracles happen when we least expect them.  We least expect them when we are content.


I found a few things to help me  weave bliss:


Celestial Seasonings  makes a sugar cookie tea that mimics the real thing.  It’s caffeine free, so it helps me wind down while avoiding the abundance of desserts.


Today, we found the WoodWick Gallerie candle in Gingerbread spice.  It smells sooo yummy, and the wooden wick sounds like a crackling fire while burning (it really does!!).


Finally, I stumbled upon the Holiday Joy Up (I’m not sure how I came across Hannah’s sparkle, but I know she was given to me at the perfect time). It’s a 10 day practice for those of us looking to recapture the butterflies.  I’m brand new to the scene, and already loving it.


Weekly Health Tip


Water. Agua. H2O.


In theory, it’s a simple thing.  Drink water. Hydrate.


However, in practice, it can be tough.  Carrying water.  Remembering to consume it.


Staying hydrated offers many health benefits.  It keeps us sated, flushes fat, and maintain optimal metabolism. Keeping hydrated also keeps mucous membranes moist, and therefore more effective at warding off potential infection.  Skin is clearer, digestion is smoother.


Many people don’t enjoy the taste of water.  So, here are some ideas to make it more palatable:

  • Bring your water with you.  Fill a reusable bottle the night before, so it’s ready to grab on your way out the door to your brand new day.  It costs less than buying water, is better for the environment, and reduces your exposure to plastics.
  • Flavor your water, using fresh fruits or vegetables, or non-chemically laden enhancers.  Or,  splash some 100% juice into your water.
  • Drink a full 8-16 ounces of water to start your day.  Starting your day with lemon water is a great way to do a simple detox, and energize your day.


Try working your way up to 64 ounces of water, per day.  Does it help you feel better?


Whatever way your starting this season, wishing you magic and bliss.


Peace, love & twinkles,