Sunday Service & The Thaw


It’s been a long, cold winter.

I never do really well with winter.  I have to monitor that my Season Affective Disorder doesn’t evolve into a recurrence of full blown clinical depression (I’m recovering).  I need to be vigilant about managing my energy.  I take vitamin D.  I practice self-care.

Still, it was a rough one.  The winter weather makes by bones ache and my shoulders hunch.  I’ve noticed that I’ve been grinding my teeth, indicating some mis-managed stress.  I’ve been relying a little too strongly on sweatshirts and uncombed hair. Large snowfalls cause a feeling that mimics claustrophobia.  Weather delays and closing mess up my routine, which only further causes stress.

And, yet, I persist.  I do things differently anymore.  I actively avoid negativity.  I stopped feeling guilty about taking care of myself, of going inward to conserve energy.

I notice more and more that I follow the rhythms of nature.  My daily energy matches the sun.  I seasonally reflect, and hibernate of sorts.  Long before the thermometer shows it, I become restless, and crave expansion and growth.  It’s a visceral craving.  My bloom matches the blossoms.  I desire the smell of dirt.

Today, we ran some errands, and my body relaxed with the sun.  The warmth simultaneously surprised and delighted me. My muscles started to relax.  My nerves felt less sharp.  I felt renewed hope. My energy rose just  bit.

And I begin to thaw.

How are you feeling today?




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