Sunday Service & Declaring What You Want


Lately, I feel like the Universe has been eagerly “encouraging” me (read: “wake up, Dumb Arse”) to decide what it is, exactly, that I want.  And it does this by graciously dumping a ton of exactly what I don’t want, all in my lap.

I’m at a tipping point — I feel the need to poop or get off the pot, or else be smothered by my anti-matter.  It’s like, if I continue to hesitate in my declarations of desire, the space will be filled with shite.

I always find more clarity in my desires by first identifying what it is that I want to dump, before I can see clearly what it is I wish to hold on to, and grow. So…

I don’t want:

  • negativity
  •  to wade through other people’s bullshit
  • non-creative work
  • violence
  • ignorance
  • people who don’t appreciate me
  • to have to wear sixteen layers of clothes
  • disregard or disrespect for life.  ANY life.
  • crappy coffee
  • to have to sit at a desk all day long
  • to live from a perspective of lack or fear

I absolutely desire:

  • to be surrounded by compassionate people
  • music
  • theatre
  • kindness
  • unrelenting delight
  • to create every day
  • momentum
  • peace
  • tolerance
  • to attract goodness and abundance
  •  to live by only what resonates within my soul

I feel things shifting.  It’s no longer my choice, and more of a demand from the Universe that provided me these gifts, to use them for betterment and joy.

I declare it to be so.

What do you want?




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