Sunday Service & Mermaids


I’m noticing, lately, that my work weeks are feeling long, and my weekends hard-earned.  They didn’t used to feel like this.  I also didn’t used to appreciate weekends, either.   They were just two other days of a seven-day cycle.

So, this feels like a shift.

I think I’m learning to appreciate my down time, and foster minutes and hours to do what really, truly fulfills me.  It’s a mindfulness shift.

I’m more and more valuing time with my family, and in my home-space.  I’m reading more, and eschewing television (except for a few choice pleasures).  I have more energy since doing this, and more creative thoughts.  I’m less irritable, and words come much more easily to me.  Hard-pressed to find this to be merely coincidence.

With this shift, time has expanded.  I’m experiencing more time to cook and read, more time to relax.  I’m feeling generally less harried.  I’m thinking this choice to make a change is a good one.  And I’m becoming fiercely protective of this way.  My old ways weren’t working for me — or, by association, my loved ones — anymore.

It seems to boil down to mindfulness, and identifying true values, and choosing those things.


“It’s the colors that will make you stray. They sing to you, the not-blue and the searing light, and no matter how tightly you tie yourself to the inbetween, eventually you will break free.
No one swims only in the shallow water.” 
― Betsy CornwellTides

I’ve always loved mermaids.  Lately, I’m obsessed with them.  I was to decorate with them, and adorn myself with opulent and shimmering blues and greens, and immerse myself in waters.

I am surrounding myself with them.


In fact, one of my guiding words for 2015 is “mermaid”.  The thought of them, for me, is simultaneous organic and mysterious, qualities to which I aspire. They are mythical and musical and beautiful and dangerous.

They bid me to dive deeper, and move way out of the shallows.

I am following the sirens’ song.

What’s calling to you, Love?


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