Sunday Service & Following Your Passion


Is there something that you do really well?  You might do it often, and receive praise and acknowledgment for it.  Others may rely on your for it.  You excel, and share your expertise, and use this talent to help others.  Maybe you’ve made a living from this. Or, it’s what your “known” for.

It’s the also thing that causes you dread.  You want to stick forks in your eyes before you do this thing that you’re great at one.  more. time.

You yearn for something different.  You want to play and experiment and take risks that feel like fun.  You want to create something new.

This “something new” is probably not anything new, at all.  Think back to a time in your life when you felt alive, and sated.  What were you doing?  How did you spend your days? What got you excited?  Hint:  it’s probably the same time you felt healthiest and most energetic.  Days felt full and interesting.  Finding balance seemed almost easy.  You probably craved learning.

Can you remember that time?

Go back there.  DO that.

Because doing what you’re good at, at someone else’s beckoning, will never compare to doing what lights you up, at your own.


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