Recently, on my Facebook feed was one of those challenges, the kind where you take a photo each day during a month?

I am CERTAINLY no photographer.  In fact, it is only because of cell phone cameras that I even remember to take photos, at all. My life is hardly chronicled through images.

Yet, I love them so.  I know so many of you that can capture an image, and it looks like magic to me.

Soooo…i decided to do this challenge, if only to prompt me to practice taking pictures.  (I don’t know who started the challenge and I don’t see a citation so that I can give credit!!!  If you know, PLEASE post below???)

Today’s theme is drink:

drink dec 1

It ain’t pretty.  It’s done, though.  Practice.  And not ducking out.  There’s my small triumph today.


I’m SO thirsty. Parched.  My skin is dry, trying to adapt to the weather and forced air heat of the season.  I’m often cold, so I don’t tend to hydrate, but rather sip cups of warm liquid. My cuticles are rough and my lips flaky.

And when I pause to consider, I become appalled at myself.  I make up that I am so busy, that I don’t have time to fulfill a basic need of survival.  I ignore my bodies need, until the ramifications catch me clearly, and by surprise.

There’s other drink I need.  The quenching of creativity, and the taste on my tongue of satisfaction, satiety. A fulfillment and being-made-whole.

I’m afraid of what I have allowed to become optional, because those are the things I require for survival.  I am a water sign.  I thrive outside of the desolate, away from the crumbling and the dust, and wholly within the sea.

I need to be quenched.



Only Love,


OO,oo oo, credit!!!! —–> #DecemberReflections by


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