One True Sentence



Have you ever had the experience of encountering the same — seemingly random — thing/thought/image, multiple times in a short period?

This happens to me fairly frequently, and I’ve learned to interpret it as the Universe bonking me on the head, to REALLY get my attention.  Because I can be thick.

That quote above, by Mr. Hemingway, keeps cropping up of late.  Like, a lot.

One.  True.  Sentence.

He doesn’t say to write a remarkable sentence, or a clever sentence.  He doesn’t dictate creativity, or passion, or wit.

One.  TRUE.  Sentence.

True.  Honest.  Real.

And, WRITE it. Put it out there.  Get it out of a brain and into the world. Show yourself.

And all around me, there are similar messages about living in my own truth, using MY voice, showing the real me, demanding honesty of myself and others.

Healing that broken throat chakra of mine.  Because, I have not been living that, opting instead for niceness.  Light under a bushel, and all.

I’m supposed to do something with this information.  That much is clear.

Find my “one true sentence”, then share it.  Remind myself that it doesn’t have to be pretty.  It just has to be real.

One true sentence.

What’s yours?



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