Just Peachy


I’m not an inventor of recipes.  I am a modifier of recipes.  An adapter.

So, when we encountered a less-than-remarkable peach muffin from a local farmer’s market, we made the commitment (again) to honor our palates and consume only home-made sweets.

This summer has been less-than-summery (work is just…wow), and so I was in the mood to insert some seasonal flavour.

We had some white peaches that were starting to head south, and perfect for the endeavor.

photo 1

So, I did a quick search for vegan peach muffins, and my favourite vegan authoress and goddess (seriously, EVERYthing we’ve tried by her has been delicious!!) and found this recipe:


And so I baked.

photo 2

I cleaned and diced the peaches.  The peels stayed on, without any weird texture issues in the muffins.

photo 3


The batter was simple to mix.  It ends up thick and a bit lumpy.

photo 2

Somehow, I always end up with more batter than a recipe states (yields 12 muffins according to PPK).  Hey — more muffins =)

photo 4

I tweaked the recipe to add some crunch, topping each muffin with sliced almonds and candied ginger.  Next time, I’ll add the ginger into the actual batter instead.

photo 1photo 2

The result was a quite moist, flavourful muffin.  I had to have three of these babies.  

The lengths I go to for my readers 😉

What is YOUR flavour of summer?





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