I want to be Lorelai


Who is your favourite television mom?

Over the years I’ve found a few that resonated with me.  Actually, before we had our son, I swore Jamie from Mad About You was my personality dopple-ganger, with her neuroses and drive.

I can identify with Modern Family‘s Claire, and her need for control and organization.

Who I REALLY want to be is Lorelai, in her youthful exuberance, her non-controlling parenting, her drive to do what makes her own self happy while simultaneously caring for her family and community.  I want to be that quick-witted and quirky, fresh-faced and healthy and thin while eating more take out than can possibly exist.

I’m probably a mix of all of these, with a fair dose of Dharma thrown in.

Actually, as I think (or write, rather) about it, I really like the original and specific combination of characteristics I am, as is.

If you could choose (and the beauty is, we absolutely can!), who would you emulate?


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