The Subjectivity of Monsters


My monsters are not your monsters.

And that’s okay.

There are things and people in this life that I dislike.  I have my reasons.  My reasons are typically not impulsive, nor uninformed.  Yet, I acknowledge, they are coloured by my subjective truth, my own experiences, my own predisposing pains and losses.

I have nothing invested in convincing you of my monsters.  I don’t need you to buy into my fear/anger/indignation to validate those feelings.  I feel them.  I own them.  They are mine.  All ask is that you acknowledge that I have the feelings, and support me in the experience of feeling them.

Similarly, I don’t need to believe in your monsters to validate that you are afraid/angry/hurt.  If you express that to me, I will validate that experience — which is very real for you, and sit with you through it.

In my own time, on my own terms, I may come to (metaphorically) slay these monsters.  Or even make friends with them.  I am open to lessons learned and growth achieved.  I am capable of change.  When I am (or you are) ready.

I propose a shift, so we can better support one another.  Less condemnation of reasons, more hand-holding through emotions.

Know what I mean?


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